This was an enjoyable little experiment, but now it's done. I would have thought there would be more people interested in this little adventure of mine, but no. Don't know until you try. My short novel Essa is doing so well, I will be releasing the other two In the Realm of the Gods novels as ebooks in the coming year. As to the stories I've written for this experiment, time to take them down and try to sell the case of a couple of them, turn them into novels. I've enjoyed this endeavor, time to move on.


My name is R. P. Bird.
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The why...

In 2002 my writing career died when my father died.

I became my mother's care giver - for seven years.

I could write again as a professional in 2010, a year after she died.

I write 20,000+ words a month. But where does that get me?

The age-old problem of writers: how do you find your audience? They exist. They're out there. They're having trouble finding me. I'm having trouble hooking up with them.

Might as well be a Beduin poet typing on a 1910 Underwood in an abandoned medieval fort in Timbuktu.

I'll keep trying. Thanks for participating. Wish me luck.